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About Us

What is EWIRE?

EWIRE is an ebusiness marketplace and corporate news distribution service.  EWIRE showcases business' products and services through its Business Directory, then distributes related news, research and event information to the media world.  EWIRE uses a three-fold distribution program to deliver your organization's news to major news organizations, trade publications, government agencies, databases and industry professionals around the world.


EWIRE covers topics including:

Agriculture & Forestry Health Care Professional & Technical Services
Education Hotels & Food Services Real Estate, Rental & Leasing
Energy & Utilities Information Technology Retail & Wholesale Trade
Finance & Insurance Manufacturing Transportation & Warehousing
Goverment & Public Administration Mining, Oil and Gas Waste Management & Remediation


EWIRE can help you to:

  • Present your organization's position on timely industry issues

  • Report industry-related research results

  • Keep the public informed about your new discoveries

  • Promote earth-friendly products and services

  • Announce upcoming conferences, seminars, trade shows and exhibitions

  • Celebrate honors and awards offered or received

  • Launch a web site or offer web services

  • Disclose earnings reports, mergers, and contracts