What People Are Saying About E-Wire:

"As with any press release service, I was somewhat skeptical about ewire's abilities to perform at the level I needed. However, within a day of the first press release for a video series on solid waste management, I had enough orders for the series to pay for the ad itself and distribute another 250 episodes for free to schools, educators and universities."
Dr. John W. Sutherlin, Policy Analyst
Urban Waste Management & Research Center

"The best advice in business I've ever gotten was to use E-Wire."
Joseph Longo, Startech Environmental Corporation

"ewire is a good source of news stories.  Many thanks for the service."
Terry Collins, International Federation of Environmental Journalists, Toronto

"Very good coverage of environmental issues, business-environment news, sustainable industrial development."
Ralph Meima, International Institute for Industrial
Environmental Economics, Lund University, Sweden

"Without ewire, our Nationwide Tree Planting project simply could not be successful."
Jeremy Cheron, Founder
ECO-Coalition, Maryland

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