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Finding a Universal Metric for Measuring Sustainability

Energy Points, the calculation engine for environmental sustainability, today announced details of its webinar, “An Introduction to Energy Points.” The webinar is the first in a series that will examine how the EnergyPoints platform enables businesses to make quantitative and intuitive environmental sustainability decisions.

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U.S. Industrial Companies Must Embrace Energy Management to Remain Competitive, According to Pike Research

Industrial and manufacturing companies in the United States use close to one-third of all the energy consumed in the country on an annual basis. These companies have had to understand energy use since it is such a critical input to their industrial processes. Industrial companies already have relatively high adoption rates for energy management initiatives, and they continue to spend on energy management products and services for new innovations. According to a recent report from Pike Research, U.S. industries must take additional measures to ensure they remain cost-competitive on a global scale, and the efficient use of energy is one area that U.S. industrial companies can improve upon to accomplish that. Executives are beginning to understand that they will lose substantial competitive positioning if energy management programs are not initiated in the near-term future. Facing high price volatility and stiff global competition for market share, these companies are quickly coming to the realization that energy and sustainability issues are a critical requirement for the competitiveness and even survival of their businesses.

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Samsung Tops for HDTV Purchase Intent Among US Consumers, According to ABI Research’s Technology Barometer

Samsung captured the top position in US consumer HDTV purchase intent for the first half of 2012, passing Sony who previously had a commanding lead in the segment. LG and Vizio also had notable increases over earlier surveys that further eroded Sony’s position. Of the 25% of respondents who claimed interest in purchasing a HDTV in the first half of 2012, 20% cited Samsung, followed by 19% for Sony (previously 27%). LG generated the largest increase, jumping from 6% of respondents to 12%, with Vizio claiming 11% (up from 8%).

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Tech-Savvy Seniors Embrace Vivint’s Home Automation Services

Seniors from across the nation are turning to Vivint™, the largest home automation services company in North America, for the automation technologies needed to manage their home’s security and energy use.

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Catalog Spree Planting 25,000 Trees for 25,000 Downloads to Aid Reforestation Efforts

Catalog Spree, the highest-rated catalog shopping app for the iPad®, today announces a new partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation to raise awareness around catalog consumption in the U.S. and its impact on the environment. In honor of Earth Month, Catalog Spree will plant one tree for every download of the app during the month of April – up to 25,000 trees – to help the Arbor Day Foundation reforest Pike National Forest in Colorado.

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all® free clear Laundry Detergent Fights the #1 Spring Allergen With Every Wash

Spring has sprung in America, and with it comes increased pollen counts throughout the country. Experts predict this could be the worst allergy season on record, wreaking havoc on America’s 40 million seasonal allergy sufferers1. Unsuspecting sufferers may not realize that millions of seasonal allergen pollen grains get trapped in clothing and are brought into homes undetected. According to a recently published study, on a peak pollen day, a large t-shirt can trap up to 7 million pollen grains. 2

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Philadelphia Labor, Businesses, City Officials Ask PA Lawmakers to Get Solar Job Growth Back on Track

Today the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 98 gathered with city officials and solar business leaders to urge Pennsylvania lawmakers to save solar power investment and job opportunities in the state.

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Lakeside Energy and American Securities Take Equity Stake in InEnTec Inc.

InEnTec Inc., the developer of proprietary technology to produce renewable fuels and other valuable products from household, industrial, and chemical wastes, today announced that Lakeside Energy has made a strategic investment in the company. Headquartered in Chicago, Lakeside Energy is a portfolio company of American Securities, specializing in power generation and renewable energy technologies.

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Geothermal Energy Industry Sees Steady Growth Despite Inconsistent Government Policies

The U.S. geothermal industry continued its steady growth adding approximately 91 MW of newly installed capacity in the past year, according to the annual update on the geothermal industry from the Geothermal Energy Association. The Annual U.S. Geothermal Power Production and Development Report shows that the industry currently has 3,187 MW of installed capacity, significantly outpacing every other country in the world. As a renewable, baseload energy supply, geothermal has the potential to replace coal and other non-renewable power sources.

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GSE Systems Announces $7.5 Million in Nuclear Engineering Simulation Contracts with Chinese Companies

GSE Systems, Inc. (“GSE” or “the Company”) (NYSE Amex: GVP), a global energy services solutions provider, today announced separate contracts with two Chinese nuclear engineering companies to deliver engineering simulation solutions that provide a Verification and Validation (V&V) platform of Instrumentation and Control (I&C) systems for new third generation nuclear plants being built in China. The combined value of these contracts is $7.5 million. Work commenced on these projects in March 2012 and is expected to be completed over the next three years.

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