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Dr. Jane Lubchenco and Barefoot College Won the World Largest Environmental Prize

Tokyo, Japan, Jul. 27 - /EWire/ -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 27, 2011

This year marks the 20th awarding of the Blue Planet Prize, the international environmental award sponsored by the Asahi Glass Foundation, chaired by Tetsuji Tanaka. Two Blue Planet Prizes are awarded to individuals or organizations each year that make outstanding achievements in scientific research and its application, and in so doing help to solve global environmental problems. The Board of Directors and Councillors selected the following recipients for this year.

1. Dr. Jane Lubchenco ( USA ) Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Dr. Jane Lubchenco has accomplished brilliant academic research in marine ecology, expanding the field into new areas by combining the physical and biological sciences. As one of the most frequently quoted ecologists in the world, she has had a profound impact on the fields of marine biology and environmental sciences. Her work demonstrates the close relationships between the environment, biodiversity, human health, economics, and national security, and therefore between the environment and human well-being. She has provided a powerful approach for scientists to address environmental issues based on her seminal concept, a "social contract for scientists", which links scientists with society.

2. Barefoot College ( Founded in India ) In its 40 years of grassroots educational programs to eradicate poverty and support the living standards of farming villages in developing countries, this organization has made great strides in assisting residents to resolve numerous issues on their own. The Barefoot College has been expanding its operations from India to other developing nations with problems common to rural farming villages. While it respects the traditional knowledge of the region, it has provided expertise for small-scale solar power generation and other new ideas, and implemented educational programs to provide opportunities and systems for learning to allow local residents to improve their own situation. Thus, the Barefoot College has a long track record of success in the autonomous and sustainable development of ecologically sound farming communities. Both recipients will be awarded a certificate of merit, a commemorative trophy and a supplementary award of 50 million yen. The awards ceremony will be held on November 9, 2011 (Wednesday), at the Tokyo Kaikan (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo).The commemorative lectures by the prize recipients will be held at the United Nations University (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo) on November 10 (Thursday).

*This press release may also be viewed on our web site at from 11:30, July 27, 2011. The photos of the recipients are available from the web site of the Asahi Glass Foundation.

Report on the Selection Process (20th Annual Prize, 2011)

A total of 800 nominators from Japan and 1,200 nominators from other countries recommended 89 candidates. The fields represented by the candidates, in order of number, were atmospheric and earth sciences (20), ecology (19), environmental economics and policy making (15) and Compound area (9). The candidates represented 21 countries; 9 persons, 20 percent of the total, were from developing countries. After individual evaluation of the 89 candidates by each Selection Committee member, the committee was convened to narrow down the field. The results of their deliberation were examined by the Presentation Committee, which forwarded its recommendations to the Board of Directors and Councillors. The Board formally resolved to award the Prize to Dr. Jane Lubchenco and Barefoot College.

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Tetsuro Yasuda The Asahi Glass Foundation



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