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Fresh & Easy Announces Holiday Food Drive

EL SEGUNDO, California, Oct. 20 - /EWire/ -- In recognition of National Food Bank Week, Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market has announced plans to launch its annual in-store holiday food drive in November, giving customers the opportunity to give back to local food banks in Arizona, California and Nevada this holiday season. Customers can donate canned and boxed goods in specially designated boxes at any Fresh & Easy store from mid-November through December 31. These goods will then be given to local food banks and charities, along with additional food donations from Fresh & Easy, to help fight hunger this holiday season. “St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance would not be able to distribute enough food for 275,000 meals each day with the continued support of great corporate partners like Fresh & Easy,” Food Bank president and CEO Terry Shannon said. “Already a great contributor to our Food Rescue Program, Fresh & Easy’s in-store holiday food drive comes at a great time as we seek to meet the skyrocketing numbers of Arizonans dealing with food insecurity.” Last holiday season, between donations from customers and Fresh & Easy stores, more than $1 million in food was given to local food banks and charities across Arizona, California and Nevada. This is in addition to the weekly food donations every store makes to their local food bank or charity partner year round. “At Fresh & Easy, we are always looking for more ways to continue giving back to our communities and to those in need,” said Fresh & Easy CEO Tim Mason. “With the holiday season fast approaching, we’re excited to work alongside our customers in supporting local charities and food banks through our holiday food drive efforts.” “We are thrilled that Fresh & Easy shares our passion for providing nutritious food to children, families and seniors in our community who need it,” said Three Square Food Bank President and CEO Brian Burton. “Three Square, through our network of nearly 600 Program Partners, is currently serving more than 100,000 individuals in need each month. We couldn’t do it without the support of dedicated retailers like Fresh & Easy and are grateful for their generosity and kindness.” A few of Fresh & Easy’s local food bank partners include: Three Square Food Bank in Nevada, St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance in Arizona, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and several regional Second Harvest Food Bank locations in California.

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