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Georgia Power's Refrigerator Recycling Program Helps Customers Save Money and Energy

ATLANTA, Georgia, Nov. 10 - /EWire/ -- Georgia Power invites customers to take advantage of its EarthCents Refrigerator Recycling Program to save money and energy. Customers simply contact Georgia Power to schedule a free pickup of their working secondary refrigerator or freezer – plus, customers will get $35. To schedule a free, in-home pickup or to find out if you qualify, Georgia Power customers can call 1-866-446-9250 or visit Fall is a great time to make efficiency improvements around the home because colder weather can increase a household's energy demand. Getting rid of an old refrigerator or freezer is an easy way to get started. Refrigerators manufactured before 1993 use 75 percent more energy than newer models and can cost owners as much as $150 a year in higher energy costs. "Refrigerator and freezer efficiency has improved dramatically in the last 20 years, but many older, inefficient units are still in use. Many times, the units are in unconditioned places like garages which can increase energy costs even more," says Angela Strickland, Georgia Power's director of energy efficiency. "This program encourages customers to remove these inefficient appliances. And, with our program, the old refrigerator or freezer is recycled in an environmentally safe manner." The Refrigerator Recycling Program is a part of Georgia Power's EarthCents initiative. EarthCents is Georgia Power's portfolio of energy efficiency programs created to help residential and business customers save money, use energy efficiently and help the environment. "Energy efficiency is a priority for Georgia Power. We offer many ways to help our customers save money and manage their energy use with our EarthCents programs," says Strickland. For additional information about EarthCents programs and to learn about available appliance rebates, lighting incentives and home energy improvement options, visit Georgia Power is the largest subsidiary of Southern Company, one of the nation's largest generators of electricity. The company is an investor-owned, tax-paying utility with rates well below the national average. Georgia Power serves 2.4 million customers in all but four of Georgia's 159 counties.

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If your goal is to save money, it will be hard to do that with solar electricity. You can come out ahead under some cinamustcrces, but powering a refrigerator and a fan is an unlikely one. However, if your goal is to learn about this kind of setup, you could get a kit from (say) Harbor Freight for a few hundred dollars, which will (barely) charge a car battery over a period of a couple weeks. The energy you collect could power a fan for several hours.You could also learn about solar electricity just by searching the web. That way, you don't need to spend any money at all. Our solar setup is documented atThat said, there are ways you can save money on energy. A solar hot water heater usually pays for itself over time, depending on where you live. You can buy a kit to retrofit your existing water heater for perhaps $2000 or so.Also, if your refrigerator is old, just changing to a new, extremely efficient model can save 1/3, maybe even 2/3 of the energy.

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