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International Trails Symposium Scheduled to be in Arizona in 2013

International Trails Symposium Scheduled to be in Arizona in 2013

Redding, California, - /EWire/ --

Do you ever wonder who the people are that promote, plan, and build the vast trail systems in cities and rural areas that make communities more desirable because of those amenities? Arizona will be hosting hundreds of trails leaders during the American Trails International Trails Symposium (ITS) scheduled for April 14 to 17, 2013 at the Yavapai Nation's Radisson Fort McDowell in Fountain Hills, Arizona.


Bob Searls, Chairman of the American Trails Board says, "Trails and greenways have gone mainstream from Scottsdale to Toledo, from Paris to Shenzhen. In the remaking of urban America they are a new circulatory system nourishing heart and mind, entrepreneur and shopkeeper. Trails and greenways are a wise community investment and a must have to thrive and compete! Arizona has been at the forefront of this movement with leading edge projects like the Arizona Trail, the Grand Canyon Greenway and the Tucson trail network. The American Trails International Symposium will be the world's leading place to share vital and valuable knowledge, re-energize and support trails systems.

"We're thrilled to be able to announce this great venue for our 2013 Symposium," said Pam Gluck, Executive Director of American Trails. "The Arizona State Trails System has more than 5,000 miles of mapped and well-used trails that are used by hundreds of thousands of people each year. The Sonoran Desert near Fountain Hills is the perfect environment to teach the best practices for backcountry, rural, and urban trails development and how to build trails for communities to enhance lifestyles and keep residents healthy and fit." According to Gluck, "Arizona attracts outdoor enthusiasts from around the world who come to experience canyoneering, paddling, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, trail motorcycling, snowmobiling, off-highway vehicle exploring. The Symposium team has pledged to provide trails professionals with the most exclusive trails experiences the state has to offer. The concepts for the 21st Trails Symposium are magnificent and will draw trails and greenway builders and advocates from around the world."

The 2013 American Trails International Trails Symposium will be hosted by: Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, Arizona State Parks, Fountain Hills & Fort McDowell Convention Bureau, Central Arizona Project, Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Mesa Convention & Visitors Bureau, as well as many businesses from around the world.

Join the 2013 International Trails Symposium by becoming a volunteer, sponsor, or exhibitor and plan to spend at least a week or maybe two in Arizona exploring and learning at the nation's largest event for public, private, and volunteer trails leaders and enthusiasts. For more information contact, call (530) 547-2060, or visit the website at Follow American Trails at or

WHO IS AMERICAN TRAILS? American Trails is a national nonprofit advocacy organization working on behalf of ALL trail interests. Their website,, is the world's most comprehensive online go-to source for planning, building, designing, funding, managing, enhancing, and supporting trails and greenways. American Trails supports local, regional, and long-distance trails and greenways, in backcountry, rural, or urban areas. Their goal is to support America's trails by finding common ground and promoting cooperation among all trail interests.




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