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Sound Telecom Call Center Executives Return from San Vicente Mexico Mission Trip

Seattle, Washington, Jul. 02 - /EWire/ --

“We are very grateful to our supportive management team and staff for holding down the fort; while we pursue our dream of doing short-term missions work in the USA and other countries of the world,” says Michael LaBaw, Sound Telecom’s CEO and founder.  “My wife and I were part of a team sent out by Good News Community Church to serve Mexican Medical Ministries, El Refugio and migrant farm worker camps in the San Vicente area of Baja California Mexico.”

Sound Telecom was founded on the principal of serving its customers, the communities it serves and others in need and to be a good steward of the resources entrusted to it.  This is evident in the company’s Mission-Vision-Value statement, Charitable Giving program and giving by company personnel of time and resources to local communities and projects like Habitat for Humanity.

Serving in Spanish speaking countries is particularly important to the LaBaw’s as they have traveled throughout Mexico, Costa Rica and Spain.  “We feel it is time to give of our time and resources to people in countries that have given so much pleasure to us in our travels and vacations,” says Cheryl LaBaw.

The LaBaw’s learned much about short-term mission trips in preparation for and during the time they served in San Vicente.  “We learned that instead of imposing our agendas, it’s better to place our lives in service to the community of San Vicente and the surrounding migrant farm worker camps,” reflected Michael LaBaw.  “We learned that it is important to seek out opportunities in serving ministries that avoid paternalism; addressing true relief, rehabilitation and development needs and to avoid situations doing things for people they can do for themselves.” “I was overwhelmed by the fact that most Americans are so materially blessed”, says Cheryl LaBaw, “I found many in Mexico who are materially poor to be spiritually rich, relationally gracious and more focused on the relationships than tasks.”  “In serving we found it is not about us, it is all about the people we serve”, added Michael LaBaw, “We encourage businesses to serve in their communities and outside their communities when possible and to make it a strong part of their corporate culture.”

Spanish-speaking cultures have always interested the LaBaw’s.  Mr. LaBaw would like to put to better use the six years of Spanish he studied in junior and senior high school on mission trips and at Sound Telecom.  Sound Telecom’s business plan calls for opening regional sales and operations offices in all US-based time zones. Sound Telecom chose the Denver area to open its first regional office to support its large customer base in the area; Denver is an ideal location for the company to open a bilingual English-Spanish call center.  Denver Metro’s Hispanic population is 32%, twice that of the national population percentage.

The company has sales staff and office management in place and is currently building an operations team.  Sound Telecom expects to hire 10 to 15 fully bilingual employees in the next twelve to eighteen months, an opportunity for the LaBaw’s fulfill their desire to immerse themselves in the Spanish language.

“Our purpose is to serve local communities by providing excellent call center support,” says Brian Gabriel, Sound Telecom’s COO. “We are proud to provide bilingual Spanish-English operator support to both English and Hispanic-owned businesses.”

About Sound Telecom

Sound Telecom is a leading provider of 24 hour Telephone Answering, Call Center and Unified Communication Services serving thousands of customers throughout the United States and Canada with USA based agents.  The company, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is opening regional sales and operations offices in the Mountain, Central and Eastern Time zones.  It is currently completing its Denver-based Mountain States Regional office which will handle sales and a bilingual telephone answering service and call center.  For more information, please visit

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