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Distribution & Partnerships


News releases distributed over ewire reach an enormous audience.  The text of standard, advanced and premium ewire news releases are directly posted and archived on numerous web sites, including the environment news pages of our partners which attract millions of visitors daily.


ewire features a unique three-fold syndication program. All ewire press releases are transmitted to our syndication partners, including Dow Jones, Reuters, and Comtex. Our syndication partners re-distribute ewire news releases to thousands of third party web sites and global online databases, giving your news potential exposure to millions of online and offline readers.

  1. Email Distribution
    ewire transmits your news release to thousands of journalists, broadcasters and environmental professionals worldwide. ewire also transmits digests of releases to an additional 30,000+ professionals and industry subscribers.
  2. Continuous Web Posting
    All ewire press releases are directly posted and archived on both specialty environmental and general web sites, including the news pages of The targeted websites featuring ewire attract millions of unique visitors every day.
  3. Sample Lists
    To see sample distribution lists, click below:
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