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Distribution - Alphabetical

The following is a sample of ewire recipients in alphabetical order:

AAI Financial
ABC News
Academy for Educational Development
Accion Ecologica, Ecuador
ADS Associates
Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology
Advanced Energy Systems Limited - Australia
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Advances in Electronics Technology
Advances in Process Technology
Advocate, The, Baton Rouge, LA
Afra-Span Network, Africa
Agencia EFE, S.A. - Mexico
Air Pollution Monitor
Air Quality Week
Air Waste
Aktion Umwelt, Germany
Al Mustaqbal Newspaper - Iraqi National Accord
Alabama Attorney General's Office
Alabama Department of Envionmental Management
Alaska Wilderness Recreation & Tourism Assoc.
Alastair Beveridge
Alberta Government - Canada
All Things Considered, National Public Radio
Alliance for Environmental Education
Alliance To End Childhood Lead Poisoning
Allied Engineers, Inc.
Alternative Energy Digest
Alternative Energy Retailer
Alternative Information Center
Alternative News Network - Australia
Alternative Press Center
Alternatives BBS
Alternatives Journal
Alternex, Brazil
Amazon Teak Foundation
American Banking
American Energy
American Forests
American Gas Association
American Indian Cultural Support
American Museum of Natural History
American Petroleum Institute
American Reporter
American Resources Information Network
American Rivers
American Trucking Association
American University in Cairo - Egypt
American University, DC
American Woodworker
Amicus Journal
Ancient Forests International
Animal World
Aonyx Environmental Services
Archives Conser. & Landscape Research, Germany
Arctic to Amazonia Alliance
Argonne National Laboratory
Arizona Public Service Co.
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, AR
Arkansas Office of Heath & Safety
Asbestos & Lead Abatement Report
Asea brown Boveri Ltd.
Asia Pacific Microspheres Sdn Bhd - Malaysia
ASIS Telemedia
ASPE-Europe-News Media
Associated Press
Association for Progressive Communications
ATC Group Services Inc.
Athena Consulting Group
Atlan Inc.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, GA
Audubon Magazine
Austin Chronicle, TX
Australian Dept. of Envionment & Heritage
Austrailian INdustry Greenhouse Network
Australian National University - Australia
Avanty - Latin American Satellite Television
AVTEQ Consulting Services - Australia


Backpacker Magazine
Baltimore Sun, MD
Bank Administration Institute
Bay Windows, Boston, MA
Bechtel Nevada & UNLV
Beijing Telegram, China
Bell Atlantic
Bendix Corporation
Bicycling Magazine
Bio Cycle
Biodiversity Action Network Biotechnology Magazine
Biotechnology News
Biotechnology Newswatch
Biotechnology Week
Bioverm Consulting
Bloomberg's Business Week
Boating Life
Bonneville Power Administration
Boston Globe, MA
Boston Herald, MA
Boston Phoenix, MA
Breedlove, Dennis & Associates, Inc.
British BioGen
British Broadcasting Corporation, Natural History Unit/TV Media
British Broadcasting Corporation, World Service, Science Unit
Brookhaven College
Brown County Emergency Management
Brown Nelson & Associates
Brownfields Report
Burns & Roe, Inc. - Engineering
Business & Environment Magazine
Business Ethics
Business Publishers Inc.
Business Week

C.M. Oliver Financial Corporation
Cadmus Group Inc. - Counsultants
Cairo Air Improvement Project (CAIP)
California Air Resources Board
California Commission on Aging
California Department of Water Resources
California Dept of Fish and Game
California Environmental Reporter
California Hotline
California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
California Public Interest Research Group
California State Polyterchnic University
California State University, San Bernardino
California Water Education Foundation
Cambridge Energy Research Associates
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, MD
Cambridge University - UK
Cameron McKenna
Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc.
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Canadian Association for the Club of Rome
Canadian Dept. of Foreign Affairs & Intern. Trade
Canadian Green Marketing Alert
Capell Risk Management Insurance
Capital PC User Group, Inc.
Capitol Reports, CA
Caribbean Magazine
Carson Dorn, Engineering Inc.
CBC Morningside, Canada
CBC Radio News
CBC Radio Noon
CBC, Here & Now, Canada
CBC Prime Time News, Canada
CBS Morning
CBS News
CEBLA G. Cia Ltada.
Cebu Enviro. Development Center, Inc. - Philippines
Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
Center for Development of International Law
Center for Our Common Future, Switzerland
Center of Assess. of Industry & Tech. - Indonesia
Central Forestal - Spain
Center for Enviro. & Devel.- Arab Region & Egypt
CH2M HILL - Australia
CH2M HILL Companies Ltd.
Chaffee Zoological Gardens of Fresno
Channel 10 News South Australia
Chattanooga State Technical Community College
Chemical Business
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering Progress
Chemical Week
Chicago Sun Times, IL
Chicago Tribune, IL
China Business & Economic Update
Christian Environmental Association
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
Christian Science Monitor
Circumpolar Conservation Union
Citizens for a better Environment
Citizens for Safe Water
Citizens Network for Sustainable Development
City Electric System
City of Albuquerque, NM, Enviro. Health Dept.
City of Boulder, Colorado
City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa
City of Tucson Waste Reduction Unit
City of Tucson, Arizona
City of Vancouver, Washington
City Sun, New York, NY
CityPages, Minneapolis, MN
Civil Engineering
Clariant Corporation
Clarin Digital, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Claudia Caruana
Clean Air Engineering
Clean Air Technology
Clean Coal & Synthetic Fuels Newsletter
Clean Water Report
Clemson University
Colin Isaacs Report, Canada
Columbia University School of Journalism
Columbus Dispatch, OH
Comite Unido Mision Anabautista - Mexico
Commission for Environmental Cooperation
Common Purpose
Compost Science & Utilization
Computer Currents Magazine
Concordia College
Confederated Umatilla Tribes, OR
Conoco Inc.
Conservation Science Institute
Consumer's Digest
Contemporary Information Analysis Ltd., Canada
Contra Costa County Times, CA
Convention on Biological Diversity, Secretariat
Convention on Wetlands, Ramsar Convention
Cooper Cameron
Copley News
Cornell University
Corporacion De Investig. Agropecuaria - Columbia
Corvallis Gazette-Times, OR
Council of Canadians, Vancouver Chapter
Council of State Governments
Cranfield University
Creative Environmental Communications
Cross-Country Checkup, CBC Radio, Canada
Current Newspaper

Daily Citizen, Washington, DC
Daily Financial Post, Karachi - Pakistan
Daily Telegraph, London, UK
Daily Variety
Dakota Consulting Group
Dallas Morning News, TX
Dartmouth College
Daybreak Farms
DCH Technology
De La Salle University - Manila
Defenders of the Rainforest
Delft University of Technology - Netherlands
DeltaNet, CA
Denel Aviation - Zaire
Denver Regional Transportation District
Dept. of Biological Sciences, Illinois State University
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Department of Defence & Security - Indonesia
Der Spiegel, Germany
Des Moines Register, IA
Development Bank of South Africa
Die Tageszeitung, Berlin, Germany
Dresdner RCM Global Investors (UK) Ltd.
Drinker Biddle & Reath, L.L.P.
Duke Energy Corp
DuPont - UK

E & P Environment
E /The Environmental Magazine
Eagle Environmental - South Africa
Earth Changes Report
Earth Doctor
Earth Island Journal
Earth Journal
Earth Magazine
Earth Media, Inc.
Earth News
Earth Spirit
Earth Talk
Earth Times
Earth Watch Magazine
Earth Words Radio
East Coast Access, South Africa
East/West Letter
Eastman Kodak Company
Ebb Tide Associates, Consultants
ECO Innovations
Eco Report
Eco/Log Week
ECOjusticia Associacio - Brazil
Ecologia, Lithuania
Ecologist, UK
Ecology & Environment
Ecology & Environment Engineering
Ecology and Farming
Ecology USA
Economist Magazine
EcoTopia Magazine - Greece
Ecotrade Ltd.
Ecuanex, Ecuador
EDR, Inc.
Education & Research Network - India
Edward-Dean Museum
EHS Network/ EHS Marketplace
Eisenbeis Management Consulting
El Periodica, Spain
Electric Moving Picture Company
Electric Utility Week
Emissions Research and Measurement Division
Energy Advantage Inc.
Energy Daily
Energy Design Update
Energy Report
Engineering News-Record
Entec UK Ltd.
Enviro BBS
Enviro World Daily News Service
Environment & Behavior
Environment & Health
Environment Business Daily
Environment Canada
Environment Daily
Environment/Farm/Weather Reporter
Enviroment Laboratory, Steel Authority of India Ltd.
Environment Magazine
Environment News Magazines, Inc.
Environment News Service/ENS Online
Environment Probe
Environment Reporter
Environment Science & Technology
Environment Watch, Latin America
Environment Week
Enviro. & Occupational Medicine Assn. of Taiwan
Environmental Action
Environmental Behavior
Environmental Building Materials
Environmental Building News
Environmental Business Journal
Environmental Business Trendletter
Enviro. Center Central & Eastern Europe, Hungary
Environmental Communication Center of New York
Environmental Contract Opportunities Report
Environmental Contractor
Environmental Data Consulting
Environmental Data Research Institute
Environmental Defense Fund
Enviro. Div., Regulatory Compliance & Quality Office
Environmental Ethics
Environmental Eye, Canada
Environmental Financial Products, Inc.
Environmental Health
Environmental Health Center
Environmental Investigation Agency
Environmental Investor's Newsletter
Environmental Issues Report
Environmental Law Alert
Environmental Leadership Center, Warren Wilson College
Environmental Management
Environmental Manager
Environmental Media Services
Environmental News Network
Environmental Progress Magazine
Environmental Prospect Weekly - Taiwan
Enviromental Protection Agency - Australia
Environmental Protection Magazine
Environmental Report (11 radio stations)
Environmental Reporting
Environmental Research, Media, Audit & Planning Company Ltd. - Denmark
Enviro.l Resources Library, Harvard University
Enviro. Secretariat of Sao Paulo State - Brazil
Environmental Working Group
Environments - Canada
Eric Cohen Books - Israel
Euro Burmanet, Paris, France
European Centre for Nature Conservation
European Environment Agency
European Journal
European Topic Centre for Nature Conservation
EUROPIA (European Oil Refining Association)
Eye, Toronto, Canada

Family Circle Magazine
Feasta - Foundation for Econ. Sustainability - Israel
Federal Hidrometeorological Institute - Yugoslavia
Fenton Communications
Financial Post - Toronto, Canada
Fletcher Challenge, Ltd.
Flinder University of South Australia
Flint Journal, MI
Florida Atlantic University
Florida Caribbean Science Center
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Florida Environments Magazine
Focus Magazine
Food Industry Environmental Network
Food Industry News
Foreign Language Clubs for Charter Schools
Forest Stewardship Council
Forestry Products Research Center, Japan
Formosa Plastics Corp., USA
Fox News Network
Freeborn & Peters Attorneys
FRESH Network
Fresno Bee, CA
Friends of the Earth International
Friends of the Earth, UK
Frogmat Environmental Ltd.
Fuji Electric Company - Japan
Fukushima University - Japan
FUNDENA - Ecuador

G. Press,Inc.
Gaia Society at the University of East London
Gannett News Service
Garden State EnviroNet, NJ
Gazeta Wyborcze, Poland
General Services Administration
Geology- Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg Division
GeoPraxis Consulting, Inc.
Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources
Georgia Wildlife Federation
German NGO Forum Environment & Development
Gila Resources Information Project
GlasNet, Russia
Global Change Centre - National Taiwan University
Global Emergency Response
Global Environmental Change Report
Global Financial Press
Global Futures Foundation
Global Issues Organization
GLOBE Program
Go Play Website
Good Morning America
Government Institutes, Inc., MD
GPC International - Canada
Gradient Corp.
Great Forest, Inc.
Green Business Letter
Green Car Journal
Green Consumer Letter
Green Disk Journal
Greenleaf, UK
Green News Network
Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand
Green Party of Cyprus
Green Party of Ontario
Green Scene
Green Teacher, Canada
GreenBase Exchange, UK
GreenCOM Project Enviro. Education & Comm.
GreeNet, UK
Greenline Newspaper
Green Money Journal
GreenNet, UK
GreenScene Radio Report
GreenSense - Resources for Sustainable Living
Greenworld, Kiev, Ukraine
Ground Water Monitor
Guardian, The, UK

Hall Water Report
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Hamburger Abentblatt, Germany
Hankuk Hangkong University - China
Harding Lawson Engineering Consultants
Harlow Council - UK
Harris Semiconductor
Harvard University
Haskoning Engineering - Denmark
Hawaii State Division of Aquatic Resources
Hawaii Trends Research Institute
Hazardous Materials Management, Canada
Hazardous Waste News
Hazardous Waste Report
HAZmat World
HAZNEWS of London
Healthcare Press International
Healthier Solutions
Healthy & Natural Journal
Heart & Soul
Heldref Publishing (16 magazines)
Hemisphere, Inc.
Heriot-Watt University - Edinburgh, Scotland
Hesperian Foundation Publishers
High-Tech Materials Alert
Hill Times, Ottawa, Canada
Houston Chronicle, TX
HSS Operating Corporation
Hydratech Ltd.

IBAMA - Brazil
Icon, Iowa City, IA
Idaho Dept of Environmental Quality
Ieperse Stedelijke Milieuraad - Belgium
IMC Global
Imperial College - London, UK
In Brief
In Business
In These Times
INC Technology
Independent Power Report
Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management
Indiana University
Indianapolis Star
Indigenous Peoples Program of the Earth Council
Indonesian Environment Listserve
Industrial Bioprocessing
Industrial Environmental Management, UK
Industrial Waste Water
Industry Canada
Information Exchange Team
Information focus on Energy
Information Resources, Inc.
Innovest Strategic Value Advisors, Inc.
Inside R & D
Inside Waste
Institute for Agricultural Trade Policy
Institute for Education Federal University of Mato Grosso - Brazil
Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
Institute of Electrical Engineers Magazine
Institute of Environmental
Instituto Tecnologico de Oaxava - Mexico
Integrated Measurement Systems, Inc.
InterAfrica Group
Inter-American Foundation
Intermountain Power
International Bamboo Association
International Center for Chemically Induced Immune Disorders
International Commuinty Radio Taipei - Taiwan
International Forum of Environmental Journalists
International Fund For Animal Welfare
International Herald Tribune
International Institute for Industrial Environment Economics, Lund University, Sweden
International Institute for Sustainable Development
Internatioanl Paper
International Rivers Network
International Solar Energy Intelligence Report
International Wildlife
International Wildlife, Canada
Internazionale, Italy
Internet Africa
Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin
Intertribal Council on Utility Policy
Investor Responsibility Research Center, DC
Iowa City Green Party
IP Acumen
Itar-Tass News Agency, Russia
IUCN-World Conservation UnionJacobs Engineering

Jacques Whitford Environment Limited
Japan National Museum of Ethnology
Japanese Ministry of Transport
Jerusalem Post, Israel
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
Journal American, WA
Journal Newspapers, Washington, DC
Journal of Environmental Education
Journal of Environmental Health
Journal of Forestry
Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy
Journal of Solar Energy
JSC, Engineering Inc.
JWT Specialized Communication

KABC TV, Los Angeles, CA
Kansas Gas Service
Kansas State University
KBS Systems, LLC
Keele University, UK
Kellogg Brown & Root Consulting
Kelly Cataldo & Dick Communications
Kennedy Jenks Consultants
KGO TV, San Francisco, CA
KGTV, San Diego, CA
King County Solid Waste Division
King Publishing Group
Kipplinger's Washington Group
KIRO AM-FM, Seattle, WA
Kirtley Multimedia
KKSF FM, San Francisco, CA
Knight-Ridder News Service
KOIN TV, Portland, OR
Kompas Daily - Timor
Korea Health Industry Development Institute
KPFA FM, Berkeley, CA
KPIX FM, San Francisco, CA
KREV FM, Minneapolis, MN
Kutlwanong Civic Integrated Housing Trust Kutlwanong, Africa
KXTV, Sacramento, CA
Kyodo News Service, Japan
KYTV, Springfield, MO

L.A. Weekly, Los Angeles, CA
Labor's Link
Latin American Reinsurance Company Limited
Le Moyne College
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
LeMoyne College
Lethbridge School District - Alberta, Canada
Leviathan Charters
LG-Caltex Oil Corp - Korea
Lincoln Property Company
Living on Earth Radio, NPR
Local Authority Waste and Environment, UK
Logical Solutions
Lombard Odier & cie Bank - Switzerland
London School of Economics
Los Angeles Music Academy
Los Angeles Times, Earth Matters
Los Angeles Times, Earth Science
Los Gatos Weekly-Times, CA
Louis Berger & Associates, Engineering Inc.
Louisiana State University
Louisiana-Pacific Corp

MacAlester College
Maclean's Magazine, Canada
MacMaster University, Canada
Maddock Lonie & Chisholm Engineering - Australia
Maghreb Report
Manitoba, Natural Resources Department - Canada
Marasco Newton Group
Mares Australes Salmon Farms
Marilao Federation of Service Organization - Philippines
Marlin Magazine
Massachusetts Bureau of Waste Prevention
Massachusetts Department of Education
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Port Authority
Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute
Mattel Corporation
Maui Pineapple Company, Ltd
Mayo Foundation
Mays & Valentine, L.L.P.
Mckenna & Cuneo
McLaren/Hart, Communications Inc.
McMaster University - Canada
Media Watch
Melbourne Zoo - Zoological Parks & Gardens Board
Men's Health
Merix Corporation
Messenger, Environmental Health Journal
Met, The, Dallas, TX
Metro Wastewater Reclamation District
Metrotimes, Detroit, MI
MGEC Solutions Consultants
Miami Herald, FL
Miami Times, FL
Michigan Dept. of Consumer & Industry Services
Michigan Department of Environment Quality
Middlesex News, MA
Milwaukee Economic Development Corp.
Ministry of Environment and Energy - Denmark
Ministry of the Environment - Singapore
Minneapolis Star Tribune, MN
Minnesota Automobile Dealers
Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Mirror, The, Montreal, PQ
MIRS System
Missouri Data Processing, Telecommunications
MK-Engineering Ferguson of Oak Ridge
Modern Plastics
Monitor Radio
Monterey Institute of International Studies
Moreland Beacon BBS
Morgenbladet, Oslo, Norway
Morning Journal, OH
Morning of Russia
Mosquin Bio-Information Ltd.
Mossville Environmental Action Now, Inc.
Mote Marine Laboratory
Mother Jones Magazine
Mountain Bike Magazine
MRC Institute for Environment and Health - UK
MSB Energy Associates Inc.
MXC Public Relations

Nagasaki University - Japan
Nashville Exchange, TN
Nation, The
National Academy of Sciences
National Aeronautics & Space Admin. (NASA)
National Arbor Day Foundation
National Association of Conservation Districts
National Assoc. of County and City Health Officials
National Association of Environmental Educators
National Association of Local Authorities - Iceland
National Association of Science Writers
National Audubon Society
National Consumer Research Centre - Finland
National Environment Watch
National Environmental Trust
National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
National Fisheries Institute
National Geographic
National Institute for the Environment
National Institute of Agro-Enviro. Sciences - Japan
National Marine Fisheries Service
National Native Title Tribunal - Australia
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
National Parks & Conservation
National Public Radio News
National Recycling Coalition
National Reserach Foundation - South Africa
National Resources Compliance Newsletter
National Review
National Wildlife Federation
Natural Resources Defense Council
Nature Conservancy Magazine
Nature Japan
NaturTech Composting Systems, Inc.
Navajo Nation
NBC Dateline
NBC News
Neoteric BBS
New Brandywine Environmental, LLC
New Consumer Institute
New Democratic Party - Canada
New England Consortium, University of Massachusetts

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