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    Girnar Industrial | Castor Oil | Groundnut Oil

    Girnar Industries is a company specializing in Castor Oil, Groundnut, and Plastic Products. Castor oil provides skin benefits like hydration, anti-inflammation, and collagen production. Oil BSS ensures castor oil quality. Ricinoleic acid is a key component. Additionally, they offer food-grade castor oil and 12-hydroxystearic acid.

  • Mansi Chemicals

    Mansi Chemicals is a leading manufacturer and exporter of solvent soluble dyes in the world. We are leading manufacturer of Phthalocyanine pigments, Carbazole Pigments, Reactive Dyes and Agrochemicals.

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    Buffalo Pest Control

    Buffalo Pest Control is a highly-respected company for bed bug removal that is recognized for their effective and effective treatment. To ensure a safe and free of bugs, we use innovative methods and advanced technology to remove bed bugs from homes and workplaces. Buffalo Pest Control is regarded as the Read more [...]

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    Feedadditives Chemicals

    Discover the finest Soya Lecithin supplied by our trusted partners. As reputable Soya Lecithin suppliers, we provide high-quality soy lecithin powder that exceeds expectations. Derived from soybeans, our premium Soya Lecithin offers a myriad of benefits across various industries. This versatile ingredient enhances food emulsification, texture, and shelf life while promoting Read more [...]

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    The Armakleen Company

    ARMAKLEEN™ | One of the Best Commercial Parts Cleaning Products Companies: Commercial parts cleaning doesn’t have to harm the environment or your budget. We are one of the cleaning product companies that tick all the boxes. Source:

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    Tradeasia Chemical Supplier

    If you’re looking for a reliable Ethyl acetate supplier, you’ve come to the right place. Tradeasia International specializes in providing high-quality Ethyl acetate at competitive prices, and we take pride in our exceptional customer service. Whether you need a small or large quantity of Ethyl acetate, we can meet your Read more [...]

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    Powder Force Coating Solutions

    Experience the best powder coating in Perth with Powder Force. Our team are armed with the latest application technology. Moreover, we demonstrate unparalleled attention to detail. We always carry out powder coating services to the highest standards. Our processes ensure to provide long-lasting results, while also minimising environmental harm.

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    Tara Paints and Chemicals

    Considered as one of the professionals and experts in the field and amongst the paint companies in Ahmedabad, the manufacturers make various types of paint variables such as decorative paint, wood coating & protective coatings, automotive refinish OEM & ancillaries coatings, and water tank coating and paint in India. Moreover, Read more [...]