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    NAYAN visual AI monitors and identifies real-time road events. We support businesses and authorities by offering actionable insights on visual events, to make the world a safer place. We help to track on-road fleets, and monitor real-time road safety events. We track traffic violations to make the roads a safer Read more [...]

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    Sales Marketing Funnel

    Sales Marketing Funnel provides easy marketing and customer relations management services that help you to increase the results of your marketing efforts and increase the value your customers get from your brand. We have developed a system that automates some processes of marketing and improves your marketing efficiency. Our services Read more [...]

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    Valerian Technology

    US-Based Software Developers and DevOps – Software Surge Support | Valerian Technology — Valerian Technology | Software Consulting Companies | Finding the right Software and DevOps talent can be challenging in the current environment. We offer professional US based Developers with expertise in your tech stack for anything from small Read more [...]

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    All-In-One Ecommerce Platform — Luminous – Supply Chain Visibility for E-Commerce | Supply Chain Management Software | As a team of supply chain and ecommerce experts, we know how messy, time-consuming, and energy-draining it can be to manage your business when trying to balance multiple point solutions that lack integration Read more [...]

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    Vitel Global Communications

    For any organization with huge size teams involved in distinct tasks the necessity for a VoIP business phone service arises. There are many VoIP service providers available in the market who target making the tasks related to the communication run with ease among them, Vitel Global is one of the Read more [...]

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    Nerd Alert

    Established in 2011, Nerd Alert has helped thousands of people with their Technology needs. We provide personalized tech help for computer setup or repairs, wireless networking, home network set-up and more. We come to your doorstep, providing trusted expertise at the most affordable rates. Our Nerds are not only trained Read more [...]

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    SmartMakers wurde 2016 gegründet und ist heute einer der führenden Anbieter von IoT Lösungen. Unsere Technologie bietet Unternehmen jeglicher Größe eine sofort messbare Verbesserung ihrer Geschäftsabläufe durch den Einsatz von IoT. Unsere Connected Operations Plattform thingsHub integriert IoT Sensorik, Low-Power Funktechnologie und Machine Learning, um den Einsatz von IoT einfach Read more [...]

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    ALPHASHINE | Car Detailing Made Easy: The most convenient car detailing solution in NYC & Toronto. Get your car picked up, cleaned, and dropped off anywhere in the city. Services start at $85. Website: