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    As a student, you must be tired of writing essays and still not achieving the best possible grades. Sometimes more effort does not equal better results. To get a good score, you need to work smartly. You can either get help from online essay websites or write a brilliant essay yourself by following the provided guidelines.



    Cause and effect essays are a subcategory of expository writing where you explain and describe something to the reader.  As you can probably guess from the name of a cause and effect essay, it has two important parts. In the cause’, you have to provide reasons as to why an event took place. In the ‘effect,’ you have to discuss the consequences of the particular event. 


    What to Do If There Is Insufficient Information

    Sometimes, you can be provided with a random topic to write on. It may be difficult to find accurate and sufficient information on the topic. In such a case where you are unable to find causes and effects, contact an essay writing service. These websites can write a brilliant essay for you so you can focus on other work.



    Structure to follow

    There are two possible ways to write cause and effect essays. The first one follows this format:

    1)                 Introduction                                       

    2)                 First cause

    3)                 Second cause

    4)                 Another cause

    5)                 Linking paragraph                 

    6)                 First effect

    7)                 Second effect

    8)                 Another effect

    9)                 Conclusion



    The second one follows a slightly different format:


    1)                 Introduction

    2)                 First cause and its effects

    3)                 Second cause and its effects

    4)                 Third cause and its effects

    5)                 Conclusion



    Key Constituents of a cause-and-effect essay


    •   An effective Introduction:

    You must begin your essay by describing your topic. Keep the tone interesting and try to raise a curiosity in the reader. Provide a little background for those readers who do not know much about the topic. End your introduction with a thesis statement where you summarize your paper and to know that how to write my paper  . Tell the reader about the major causes and effects that are to be discussed.


    •   Cause paragraphs

    You must start with what you believe is the most significant cause of your topic. Explain to the reader how it is important and provide examples. You must back up your argument with reliable data from scholarly articles. For example, if you’re discussing human-induced pollution, the major cause could be the immense greenhouse gas production in industries. Another cause is dumping toxic wastewater in water bodies.


    •   Effects paragraphs

    Effects can come side by side with the causes or in a separate set of paragraphs. The number of effects will always be more than or at least equal to the number of causes because each cause may have multiple effects. While writing your effects, you must provide evidence in the form of credible sources. An example of the effects of greenhouse gasses is global warming and the melting of polar ice caps. For toxic wastewater, the adverse effect is the loss of aquatic life and water becoming unsafe for drinking purposes.


    •   A well-written conclusion

    At the end of your paper, you must briefly describe the topic and then summarize the whole paper. You must not add anything new in this part. It should be around 10% of the whole word count. Before reading your paper, the reader may quickly have a look at your conclusion to judge your work. Therefore, it is of key importance.


    After reading this guideline carefully, there should be no ambiguities left in your mind. If you are under a time constraint or cannot put in the required effort, don’t worry. You should consult a paper writing service. They will write an effective essay for you or proofread your work.



    Writing a cause-and-effect essay requires a lot of concentration. It is better to make a rough outline and write every cause and every effect that comes to your mind. You must then select those parts for which you can find proper evidence and get better concepts about how to write my paper for me . There must be no grammatical or spelling errors in your work. You can hire online services to check for errors in your work or even write up a new essay. 



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