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    Young people’s access to housing: a challenge of the present and necessary for the future

    Without intending to be alarmist, numerous demographic studies indicate that the working-age population will age in Spain in the next 30 years, and their number will steadily decrease from the mid-2020s onwards. With this forecast we can assure that our country has an unprecedented structural population problem, with one of the oldest populations in the world, which generates an imbalance in public accounts, as shown by the analysis of the budget and the pension payment item.
    The main cause of this worrying situation is mainly due to the delay in the emancipation of our young people from the family home, since it hinders the generation of family nuclei and, therefore, the birth of children.
    It is very common to hear among the population that our young people do not leave the family home because they prefer to live installed in comfort. However, if we analyze the behavior of the same generations in other European countries, we can see that the age of emancipation is considerably reduced, as for example in the case of France.
    At the bottom of this problem is the impossibility of having adequate access to housing. Only one in 10 young people can buy or rent a home alone.
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    Both the rental formula and the home purchase formula have their market share among young people who are looking for a flat to be able to become independent and structural solutions must be provided for a balanced market. However, recent studies indicate that a large part of the population between the ages of 25 and 35 would choose to own a home rather than rent, but few young people can meet the prerequisites required to formalize a mortgage loan.
    For this reason, in the case of the sale and purchase market, a solution could be to facilitate access to all those young people who have the ability to pay, but have not so far had the ability to save that allows them to contribute the percentage that is required for the purchase .
    This same problem appeared in the 2008 crisis in the United Kingdom and France, and the solution that was given was to provide a 20% credit from the administration, together with 75% from a financial institution, and thus many young people were able to access their first home. These programs are still in place in these countries with great success.
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    In the current circumstances with the COVID-19 crisis, a solution that involves the granting of a loan by the government would not be feasible, but it would be feasible through the granting of a guarantee for that same percentage, of 20%, which would allow financial institutions extend mortgage credit up to 95% of the value of the home. It is important to note that, even if the mortgage were to be of that percentage, the advantages over rent, for which people are forced to pay an income for their entire life and would not obtain any savings and investment compensation, are more than obvious.
    With this measure, the Government only has to commit itself to present the guarantee at the time of delivery of the house. This will happen, in the best of cases, by the year 2022. In addition, the shock to the economy of our country would be enormous due to the creation of jobs that it would bring with it, something that we are undoubtedly going to urgently need, creating between 330,000 and 500,000 homes in four years, with an impact on the employment of almost one million people. But, in addition, in terms of collection, the promotion and construction of 350,000 homes in three years, would report tax revenues of 8,850 million euros to the State, an amount important enough for the public coffers.
    Therefore, I consider that we are facing a unique opportunity to solve, to a large extent, access to housing by young people, with an almost zero impact on the national budget, but with an economic reactivation that may mean that our sector is , once again, one of the fundamental pillars of the economy of our country

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